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Accounts payable reviews can directly affect the bottom line while also allowing our clients to gain visibility and control over their purchasing process. Errors in the purchasing process are typically isolated incidences of human error circumventing existing controls. Change also creates opportunity for error: employee turnover, system change, mergers, acquisitions, etc. Suppliers/taxing authorities typically do not disclose any overpayments made.

Discussion points to determine the benefit of performing an AP Review for your company include:

  • What is the number of transactions per month?
  • What is the dollar value per month?
  • What are your current safeguards against errors?
  • Is your payment process manual or automated?
  • Does your staff handle the collection?
  • Do you review actual invoices?
  • Does the collection and identification of credits burden you and your staff?

With one data extraction A-SALT Group will review several typical areas of recovery. Some of these areas include: duplicate payments, wrong vendor payments, earned rebates/discounts not utilized or credited, pricing compliance and sales tax paid to authorities and vendors.

On average the typical recovery rate is between .001 and .0001 of dollars reviewed, depending on the scope of the review.

A-SALT Group’s Accounts Payable Review Services will:

  • Work with the client’s IT department on A/P data extraction.
  • Review client systems and A/P procedures.
  • Review the purchasing cycle.
  • Assess the controls currently in place for purchasing.
  • Generate vendor mailing on client’s letterhead.
  • Identify, validate and recover any overpayment opportunities.
  • Work with the client’s vendors to process credits and recoveries.
  • Provide detailed project analysis and final report that includes:
  • Root cause analysis for the identified recoveries.
  • Process improvement recommendations.

A-SALT Group performs Accounts Payable Reviews at no risk to our clients. We don’t get paid until you realize the identified recoveries!

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