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Most tax and accounting professionals will tell you that their departments suffer from having too much work and not enough qualified staff. If you are one of those companies then perhaps A-SALT Group can be an extension of your department.

Nexus Analysis - Perhaps you are a growing company that is not sure whether or not you are carrying on business in Canada and should be registered to collect and remit GST/PST/HST/QST that you should. If this sounds like your company then perhaps you need a Canadian nexus review?

  • This study will include what constitutes nexus within particular provinces and determine the requirements to register.

Matrices - In today’s fast paced environment there are many companies that offer a variety of products and services packaged and delivered in unique ways. Sometimes this can create confusion as to their taxability. In these instances it makes sense to have a taxability matrix created to ensure proper taxing is taking place.

  • All areas can be mapped out in a matrix to improve your processes and procedures.

Research - Most companies are unique in one way or another and unfortunately the tax laws don’t always provide clear direction. If you find yourself in a position seeking clarity in how the tax laws may affect your company, but don’t have the professional staff to do the work then perhaps you need A-SALT Group to do the research for you.

  • Assist in identifying all tax savings opportunities.
  • Help maintain compliance when the rules change.

Training - If you’re like most companies you have many of your non-tax professionals in other departments making sales tax decisions. Employees in such areas as Purchasing, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable often bare the burden of making these critical decisions with little if any guidance. Rather than having non-tax professionals continue to make random tax decisions why not let A-SALT Group conduct a training session geared specifically to your company. We tailor training that addresses issues and concerns that are unique to your company leaving the attendees with a sense of confidence and consistency in the tax decisions that they will be making in the future.

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