US Sales Tax

Sales Tax Compliance Outsourcing

Sales tax compliance is an administrative and resource burden that can be alleviated by outsourcing the function to tax professionals with experience and expertise. Sales tax compliance is a time sensitive function with state and local mandated filing requirements and deadlines. Maintaining a good tax calendar and compiling the necessary information is required for accurate and timely filings. Companies not in compliance can be assessed penalties and interest.

Few corporate tax departments have the expertise or resources to effectively manage and minimize their sales taxes. A-SALT Group brings to the table professionals and resources that leverage experience and technology to streamline your processes and budget dollars. Successful compliance is ultimately driven by experience, knowledge of sales tax, and the ability to efficiently manage critical information associated with your returns.

A-SALT Group’s Sales Tax Compliance Services will:

  • Work with the client in creating and maintaining an accurate and current tax calendar.
  • Obtain all appropriate sales tax information posted and submitted by taxpayer through the various ERP or manual systems for incorporation into the returns.
  • Timely prepare, review, sign (on behalf of client) and file all required returns.
  • Remit payment on behalf of the client through ACH credit, ACH debit, or check request through client’s own A/P group or through separately funded account maintained by A-SALT Group.
  • Provide client with a monthly reconciliation schedule or tax remitted to tax dollars funded.
  •  Analyze and reconcile specific accounts.
  • Provide customized management reports to meet client’s needs.
  • Web based client account information, payments, reconciliation schedules and management reports.
  • Respond to all questions or notices from tax jurisdictions regarding the returns filed or other related items. Provide client with a monthly notification of any extraordinary items that may occur.

Sales Tax Audit Representation

Let’s face it, undergoing a sales tax audit can prove to be a very unsettling experience. Most audits can cause a department’s staff to spend countless hours analyzing historical records, obtaining clarification on old issues, debating with auditors on interpretation of laws and regulations. Depending on the results of the audit the manager is quite often left questioning themselves or their staff.

The reality of the matter is that most companies do not have the personnel who have both the expertise and the time to effectively manage a sales tax audit.

At A-SALT Group our audit services like our other services are scalable to meet your needs. Generally, our audit services fall into three types of offerings:

Audit Management – An A-SALT Group team manages the audit from the opening conference with the auditor through the audit’s conclusion. We work interactively with the auditor throughout the audit process. This includes such activities as meeting with the auditor on a regular basis, providing the auditor with appropriate documentation, addressing the application of various rules of law as they may apply to the client’s business, and lastly to oversee the activity of the auditor to ensure that the audit is brought to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. The A-SALT Group performs these tasks while simultaneously keeping the client apprised of the audit’s status with regularly scheduled updates.

Audit Defense – This service typically comes into play when the client’s audit is already underway but the client would like the A-SALT Group to apply its expertise to help reduce any potential liabilities. This is accomplished by reviewing an auditor’s preliminary workpapers to identify items that should not be included due to exemptions, or discrepancies. The audit can also be reduced by searching for additional credits that can be used to offset any liabilities.

Audit Support – A-SALT Group will customize our audit service and approach to meet the needs of our clients. We will support our clients and their audits as needed, from research to negotiations. There are many aspects of an audit that our experience and resources may be appropriate to utilize in order to support an audit. We are available and here to assist.

A-SALT Group is experienced in dealing regularly with states’ department of revenues and their audit divisions. It truly makes sense to have A-SALT Group on your side as an extension of your department.

Sales Tax Overpayment Review

Overpayment reviews can directly affect the bottom line while also allowing our clients to gain visibility and control over their taxability process. Our results allow our clients to update and correct tax matrices as well as gain better compliance with multiple jurisdictions. Our services are unique in that we are able to customize our service to address the needs of a particular industry with positive and value added results. The value of this service is different than typical reviews in that we will be providing more than just refunds to our client. Through our review and by working with our client we will be able to understand current processes and procedures and assist them in implementing a more efficient process that includes more accurate tax determinations and calculations. And as with most of our clients this must all be accomplished with minimal disruption to the various departments and their staffs.

The most challenging task with overpayment reviews is working with a large volume of purchase records. However, through our data manipulation process we are able to target vendors and issues with pinpoint accuracy. Using stratification and sampling methods we are able to streamline a normally voluminous project for our discovery process. By boring down through the detail we are able to expand our findings upward through the volumes of invoices. Errors in the purchasing process are typically isolated incidences of human error circumventing existing controls. Change also creates opportunity for error: employee turnover, system change, mergers, acquisitions, etc

A-SALT Group will review sales tax paid on invoice to vendors and use tax accrued and remitted to the taxing jurisdictions. Our expertise allows us to determine taxability, identify and recover overpayments of taxes, and establish tax minimization procedures for future transactions. Taxing authorities typically do not disclose any overpayments made.

We conduct a thorough examination of your records to identify sales tax refunds and credits, prepare the necessary documentation to substantiate the refund claims and manage all communication with the taxing jurisdictions. We follow up with respective taxing jurisdictions and applicable vendors to recover and collect overpaid tax refunds and credits. We then assist with implementing procedures to reduce future overpayment including training, software implementation, and taxability determination.

A-SALT Group performs Overpayment Reviews at no risk to our clients. We don’t get paid until you realize the identified recoveries!

Sales Tax Consulting Services

Most tax and accounting professionals will tell you that their departments suffer from having too much work and not enough qualified staff. If you are one of those companies then perhaps A-SALT Group can be an extension of your department.

Nexus Analysis - Perhaps you are a growing company that is not sure whether or not you are registered to collect sales tax in all the taxing jurisdictions that you should. If this sounds like your company then perhaps you need a nexus review?

  • This study will include what constitutes nexus within particular states and localities.
  • Determine requirements to register and filing frequencies.

Matrices - In today’s fast paced environment there are many companies that offer a variety of products and services packaged and delivered in unique ways. Sometimes this can create confusion as to their taxability. In these instances it makes sense to have a taxability matrix created to ensure proper taxing is taking place.

  • This study will identify the taxability of purchases and/or sales made in each state and locality. All areas can be mapped out in a matrix to improve your processes and procedures.

Research - Most companies are unique in one way or another and unfortunately the tax laws and regulations don’t always provide clear direction. If you find yourself in a position seeking clarity in how the tax laws may affect your company, but don’t have the professional staff to do the work then perhaps you need A-SALT Group to do the research for you.

Registration - Usually in conjunction with a Nexus Analysis or as a result of nexus known to be already established A-SALT Group will perform the work necessary to register Client in jurisdictions according to the law and regulations. We will work this project through to proper conclusion insuring that Client is registered and compliant in all taxing jurisdictions·

  • Determine filing frequencies of returns.
  • Determine if voluntary disclosure is a proper tool to utilize depending upon potential exposure.